Can't create using shape file

Hi all,

I am not able to use the function to import the shape file. The choice does not appear to me.
Has there been any change?


Go back to main dashboard, click on “Apps” top left corner.

scroll to bottom and install KML shapefile import

You will now have option to import KML or shapefile when you are planning new map

Hi pw1873!

I installed the app. When I select a shape ffile, it will load until the website stops. Can you help me?

Can you convert file to a .kml file instead. I have found over many years in surveying that the shp file format is very fussy, whereas kml seems to be a lot more robust and compatible. If you cannot output kml from your software you should be able to find an online converter for .shp to .kml. Otherwise can use google earth pro to import .shp and save as kml (it is a free download now)
Otherwise send me the shape file and I’ll have a look at what I can do.



Hi, Pete!

Today I could import the KML !!!
I’ve always used Google Earth to generate flights. But then I would transition into SHP to import into the DD.
It got easier!
Thank you very much!!

Good work! And kudos to dronedeploy for their inclusion of this to their excellent app.

Hey guys. I also having problem to import the shapefile. I already choose the file, but nothing happen. Any idea why is that??

Hi enchikamer!
I don’t have idea.
Use the .KML format and import again.
This format it’s simpler!
Google Earth uses this extensions.

Hi Akawen. Thank you for your respond.

Same thing also happen when i try to import .kml file. image

If you wanna, send your archive to
Tomorrow I see

Okay I will send it to you after this.