Flying the Same Progress report flight at different hights


Is there a way that I can fly the same progress report flight plan at different heights and not have to have the drone come back home after every flight. I am trying to fly the same progress report at 100 ft 150 ft and 250 ft for river control. It would be nice if I can fly that all in one shot instead of landing and taking off after each height. Am I missing something to link all these flight together??


I moved your post to Feature Requests because I know this is being worked on. I need the same thing.


I would also like to have the option have to fly parallel flights in one flight.


You can ran multiple flights without landing (may be frowned upon), but I have been doing it for a while now. What we are interested in here is the ability to apply different elevations to each point. I also would like more than one point of interest (POI) and they have it in their bucket of suggestions.

Maybe even better, it would be nice to “manually” fly, set the position and take a shot and then have the system recognize that and create a flight plan. There’s nothing like setting up a plan 3 or 4 times to try to get the desired result.

  • 1 on this feature that seems to be in the works. I flew an 18 acre parcel and did an additional inner radius flight but at a lower elevation from the original flight. I had to reprocess the 3D map without those images because they whacked out (yes, technical term) the model. Thanks DD for the adding of new features!


This is regarding static point progress photos, but you bring up a good point. Also, you can use the PR to do 16-point specialized oblique flight to clean up models. Not just a whack hack. :exploding_head:


I did do the radius within DD but did the additional smaller one in Litchi to get the angles of the houses in the center better. Those were the ones that messed my model.


What was the elevation difference? You can also expect a coordinate difference when launching at a different time with a different application.