Fligth DJI Air 2s

hey guys,

I took my first flight with the dronedeploy app on my iPhone 14 Pro Max and had some doubts about how it would work.

my drone model is a DJI AIR 2s. I did the mapping on the web platform, it was expected to consume a single battery (although I had 3 charged).

the place where I went to capture it, there was no internet signal and so I downloaded the project on my cell phone. upon arriving at the location and starting work, upon reaching 25% battery, the drone returned to the home point and I replaced it, when tapping CONTINUE THE MISSION on the app, I noticed that the drone began to capture the images again from the beginning and not where you left off.

Question, did I do something wrong? Or did I not configure the app correctly?

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I have seen this as well and it may have something to do with the fact that joystick waypoints are used instead of onboard like the rest of the drones. I’ve had it happen a couple of times with Dronelink as well.