Existing Overlay Visibility

I am in a situation where I have 10 miles of roadway and am trying to overlay the plan sheets because CAD is not available. The problem is trying to line up the matchlines exacting. I am using object in the image to get close, but it is a trial and error, painstaking process. The ability to see the existing overlays so that I can just put down the intersection of the road centerline and the matchline and I would be done in 10 minutes vs 90 minutes. 52,000lf and each plan sheet is about 1,000ft…


…and sometimes there just aren’t enough relative objects on the screen and you get close enough and give up. :expressionless:


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DUDE!!! Open the PDF in photoshop and select the different pages and make one giant pictures. Make sure the background is transparent. Export as PNG. Line up with 2 spots and DONE!

Good thought, but that doesn’t work on a long linear job like this. Already tried that in Bluebeam’s page overlay which is much easier than manual alignment in Photoshop. Being able to only use two points in DroneDeploy will never get the details close enough to be useful so we’d rather have each section more relative to existing driveways and other structures.