3-Point Overlay Alignment

The current 2-point alignment is ok and I can get the linework imported close to scale, but it would be much easier to do a 3-point align instead of trying 2-points and trying to find something to match. The 3-point method would be more accurate.

Request has been noted, @MichaelL!

Reviving. Just had an instance where the 2-point alignment in DroneDeploy was insufficient so we had to use our 3-point Bluebeam overlay to verify an asbuilt bust condition. That being said the bust was large enough that even the warped DroneDeploy overlay sparked the question.

DroneDeploy off, but questionable…

Bluebeam off and verified in the field within 6 inches.

Bluebeam w/ Site Dim Control Plan verifies Bluebeam CAD

Yeah I brought that up to @Anya on my conf call. The problem with 2 points is “It’s Construction” and they never build it exactly in the correct locations so that can throw off your overlay altogether. So having 3 points would at least get yeah a lot closer.

As you can see this thread is over a year old so I’m just trying to make sure it stays relevant. In order to verify that your alignments are correct you can have symbols drawn at each GCP.

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