New PDF Overlay Alignment Process

What happened? Screen real estate is cut in half and it will not allow you to do a double-adjustment. I use to line up two points, go back and mark two different points and prorate any error from the first alignment. Now every time you move the markers it sets the map back to default. Yuck.

@Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

Sorry about that Michael - clearly annoying - the team will update so that the pins do not reset when moved - they will work on it next week.

We actually found that people found the process easier to understand with the side by side - given you can zoom in to align the point, how does the full width view help? Please take a screenshot if that helps to explain.


Thanks James that would be awesome!

I think the loss of screen real estate becomes more of an issue when you’re working on bigger projects. Maybe people working on smallish projects won’t notice it as much. It’s a little less convenient having to zoom in further to make sure that the pin gets very close to the control point because when you go to the other side to align it you can’t be zoomed out as much and the initial alignment can’t be done by mass shapes. It takes a lot more zooming in and out and back and forth to get the initial alignment close.

Finally because of having to be zoomed in so far you can’t use surrounding characteristics to help with alignment and prorate error. Even though I’m looking at the primary point which is usually my ground control points I am looking at things like manholes and curb lines that surround it to make it fit as best visually as I can.

If the split screen is the way to go wouldn’t it be better if they were synchronized in movement?

In my opinion three-point alignment would have been a better endeavor than this.

I’m really surprised that the 3 stake system is needed for the majority of sites. Web mercator is square at small scales, and I’d have thought the same is true of drawings (i.e. 1m in x == 1m in y). Generally my worry for adding 3 stakes is that for most people it will make the result worse rather than better. Are you finding issues on your roadway projects? or in general.

Note this new system allows you to align one overlay to another (that’s the big win here). So all your overlays will align precisely with each other.


I think most people are lining up a specific area or object, but when you are trying to line up a whole site, especially with multiple structures on it and want detail to the structural level to line up you need a more accurate proration of the resize and rotate. Honestly what we have now with the 2-point alignment merely stretches and rotates the overlay instead of doing a calibration. The 3-point overlay is similar to GNSS localizations like we do on the site where the error is spread evenly in a triangulation. You can take the same site and CAD file on DroneDeploy vs Bluebeam and the accuracy difference all the way across the site is noticeable. I use points in the CAD generated from the GCP’s for alignment so it should be perfect and it never is. As it is now the DD site is ok to look at for reference, but not good enough to trust measurements down to a tolerance that is acceptable. Like I said at the beginning it’s not near as noticeable when your are only aligning a small structure.