Exaggerating elevation?

I’m interested in exaggerating elevation of a large paved area for visual reference. The 2D color map shows the changes, but I’m wondering if the online viewer (or any free viewers) can allow me to dial up the changes in elevation to exaggerate the hills and valleys. For reference: https://bit.ly/2HZA2HD

Hi @APailthorp,

I’m unaware of any features available that would allow you to do this, either natively or with a third party application. My first guess would be to try a photo editing service like Photoshop.

Hopefully someone can provide more useful tips and suggestions!


Try out an evaluation version of QTModeler (QTReader) from Applied Imagery. It has the ability to exaggerate elevation.

Are you looking for exaggerated 3D model, or the color elevation map? You can move the sliders on the elevation map to change the elevation range.