Adjusting Elevation Colors after export

I have a client who would like to show dramatic changes in elevation with color similar to the elevations function inside the DD program. I exported an elevations .Geotiff and they were able to import into Auto-CAD with no problem, however once in Auto-CAD the colors were fixed and not adjustable. The client would also like to have the elevations semi-opaque so as to see the ground with colors accenting slope and elevation changes.
Is this something anyone has done? What would be the best program to use? And which file extension should I give him?

Good morning @Jeremy_Arneson. What AutoCAD are you using? You might have functionality to create your own color map.

Either way and I’m not sure if this will work for you, but you can click on the arrow next to the Elevation label and it brings up another dialog that allows you to change the intensity of the coloring. This is how it was derived by DroneDeploy.

This is after adjusting to bring the color range closer together causing more intense colors and noticable difference on a smaller scale. The site has a good amount of elevation change so the elevations are really spread out and adjusting them loses a little resolution at the top and the bottom of the scale, but you get more resolution in between.

In large ranges like this I often need to acentuate a specific area so I move the sliders closer together at that range.

This is exactly what I’m looking for…
I am familiar with how to manipulate the colors within DD, but is there a way to do that in another program?
My client is using AC 2018 with Carlson Civil Suite, and also have AC map 3D and Civil 3D 2017 available.
I guess the question I have is, once I manipulate the data in DD, can I export that with those settings? The color adjustment and intensity? So I can give it to the client with the settings I did in DD?

Thank you,

We use Carlson Civil, Carlson Precision and Civil 3D (occasionally) as well. If you can get the LAS point cloud and make a surface you can create a base surface at the highest elevation of the site that encompasses the entire site and do a cut/fill analysis which will give you 14 levels of colors. The colors can also be manipulated as you like. I usually Shrink Wrap the surface using 2D polyline instead of 3D in the selection and then set that polyline to 3D at the highest elevation of the site. The reason I do the highest is because normally cuts are red and fills are blue so that is the order you need to emulate the DroneDeploy coloring and the AEC industry “standard”.

In Carlson Civil you can also copy and create a new surface with exaggerated elevations. 2x, 10x and etc…

Update, but also editing my last post. You can only exaggerate the elevations in the 3D Viewer, not manipulating the model. Also, it works better to set the base plan from which you are calculating from the a flat median elevation of the site. This emulates the red/*/blue scheme.

Here is an example though of the one we did recently. This is a weak example with only about 40ft of variation in elevation and just 3 base colors. Just the elevation (by cut/fill).

With the ortho and transparency applied. This is 25%.

Same operation with colors added to the scale. White was the median elevation I calculated of 765ft.