Pad Average Elevation / Take-Off

It would be amazing if we could use an area tool to select a pad. If we could input the pad elevation from the project plans and DD could provide the quantity of material CUT/FILL. Is this possible? Of course it would only be available on a GCP map set up to the projects survey system.

You can import a shapefile model and do that in DroneDeploy as a comparison. A simple plane should probably be a preset called “Highest Point” with the option to enter the top elevation.

Michael any idea how to convert a pdf to a shapefile?

What content in the PDF? Contours, Trimesh, DEM, etc…

A final grading plan. Pad elevations essentially. it does include contours.

You could georeference it in QGIS then digitize it and make a design surface shapefile to bring back in the DroneDeploy. Plenty of content on YouTube to get through the workflow. If the PDF is truly a vector it may be even easier, but I have never tried that. Pads are simple either way though. Simple enough that I agree this should be a feature.

Hey Michael, I am having a bunch of trouble trying to get this to work. If I PM you the pdf would you be able to take a peak and see if it is even possible? I am just confused on what exactly qualifies as a good elevation geotiff for drone deploy and what does not. I would figure there would be an automated process for doing this due to importing scanned maps with qgis. It is possible I just need to get the cad file from the developer and use its data.

For sure. Send it on.