Overlay APP

Looks like the overlay app is what a lot of pilots are looking for in an attempt to showcase what DD can do organically vs. having to download files to QGIS (which is so much more complicated than explained by instruction by QGIS personnel). I used the app to include “terrain” overlay and eventually the contour lines did show up but no elevation information was shown as displayed on the app overview. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hey Dale, thanks so much for trying my app out.

So the data that is provided is from Mapbox directly and I definitely wouldn’t rely on it 100%, especially the terrain data, which is going to be inaccurate and likely stale in most cases. It’s mainly provided in there as a general guideline so quoting the figures to anyone who expects accuracy would be a no-no, in my opinion.

You’re definitely not doing something wrong, it’s essentially just tied to Mapbox’s database. I will add this info to the updated app description!

Thanks for the feedback.