Edit a Completed Map?

So I flew, uploaded and completed a 30 acre site … done deal.

Now I want to edit it down to about a 5 acre area. How can I do this without going back into the field and reshooting?

Hey @toddmedia,

This should be fairly easy to do in the maps page, you should be able to crop the area you wish to have mapped using the crop tool…

image Click on the drop down arrow here in your map data page.

image in this section you will see more detailed information about your map, you will also find the crop tool on the right side next to the map area. it is like two L shapes overlapping.

Clicking on this will allow you to edit the area you wish to have mapped!


Scott Lashmit

That works for 2D maps. Its the 3D Model I would like to export down as a smaller area. I don’t see anyway of doing that other than to re-fly it. :frowning:

Ahh My apologies…

so for 3d map, i would actually go the post process method, as reflying in a smaller area is going to reduce accuracy and detail potentially. This definitely seems like an option that should be built in but for now i would suggest loading into a 3d modeling software and removing the sections that you dont want (this can be a pain as the 30 acre model has probably over a million vertices so it may slow down). Seems easier than reflying, but does take a bit of software knowledge. Took a look at the dense point cloud and i dont see a way in there either.

Sounds like a great feature request!