Adjust Scale in DSM for better resoloution

If you crop the DSM map, it would be great if the scale automatically adjusted to the new area. Or, the option to change the scale would be very useful. I recently mapped a baseball field, the few trees in the image tended to skew the elevation scale and made it harder to detect the variations in the fields surface.

Another feature that would be very helpful in construction would be to have the option to have a grid of points overlay the DSM with the elevation change from the take off point (datum) listed. This would be very helpful for leveling an area, planning drainage, site evaluation etc.

Hi @kevdufour - glad you asked! We actually have this feature built out, and we’re alpha testing it right now. Send an email through to asking for it, and I’ll get it enabled for your account.

Thanks Jono! I emailed the request in yesterday. This feature could be quite useful for checking grades and drainage issues. The ability to crop the map to the area of interest and then have the scale recalculate to the cropped area could be quite powerful.

Any word on this Alpha? Would love to be able to exclude high points (trees and buildings) that skew the scale of the DSM. Being able to crop the map to a certain area and have the scale recalculate its color scheme would be great, better still would be some way to get a numeric value -say hover over a point or have a grid overlay of numeric values. very helpful for determining gradients.

I would like to know if it is possible to “remap” a part of a mapped area. lets say I have 59ha of mapped area done but only would like to render / make a 3D model out of one part from the whole area. I tried it with the example from above but did not work out really. also when I upload pictures from a finished map in the map engine the rendered crop I can adjust is only available once there and nevermore. would be nice to be able to crop the map as needed afterwards.