DroneDeploy Project Folders

I have various projects with multiple maps of the same area taken on different dates. There is currently no way to organize this information in the app as far as I can see.

Could you build a folder structure so that maps can be grouped and organized?

I must have about 20 maps in the app. I would like to be able to place them in their respective project folders so that they can be easily found when reflying a path in the future.


Yes, this is a big pet peeve of mine. DD need to create a folder system and directory capabilities similar to Windows or Mac Finder to handle multiple files. Including the ability to sort the flight plans alphabetically and manually (custom order). This is a major headache for those of us with many plans.

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This would be extremely helpful.

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Seconded. Especially when flying multiple missions to make one map. Lat & Lon columns would be useful as well. I’m evaluating now and already have close to two dozen flight pans and maps all mixed in together. I can’t imagine how cluttered that will become a year after going live.

The answer to this was the Projects interface.

In settings…