[Easy] Folder/Project Hierarchy


I fly my drone for a mineral exploration company and I go around to a lot of different projects and fly multiple areas within our projects (some of our claims are over ~50km² ).

It can be a pain to keep track of over 40 maps and plans with varying names and know which map and or plan went with which project.

That is why some sort of folder or project hierarchy within the dashboard screen would be nice.


Watch this space :slight_smile:

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Please give us the ability to group projects together into folders to better organize our workflow. The ability to label a folder “Farm 1” then inside that folder label an additional folder “2017 - July” and place all the maps from July in there would be great.

We’re working on that and hope to be in the beta testing stage within a month.


I would also like to see the option of sorting the folders in an own way or alphabetical.
And you should also be able to choose several files to move them at the same time, takes a while to move them one at the time.


Hi Gary,

I have tried the new Folders. It works OK.

Should be able to drag and drop into a folder. Having to move one at a time is a pain.

Also, No App Zone in a folder?

Would like to add our app to a folder.


Hi @Realintel,

Thank you for sharing feedback on this feature. It’s greatly appreciated and will be shared with the rest of my team.


I’d love to have a way to arrange the flights and folders (especially the folders) such that they stay where I put them, regardless of date modified, created, or alpha. For instance, I’d like the folders all at the top of the hierarchy all the time.

Have you tried the beta (near release) projects interface? No more need for folders unless you want to separate by region, department and etc.


Still waiting for this feature. Please help me out if anyone knows how to do it.