Better Map/Flight Sorting On web

I would like to be able to group flights by area or into arbitrary folders. The current paged format becomes quite difficult to navigate and to find certain flights when a lot of flights build up.


We are looking into providing a way to tag/label flights which should help with organization. You’d be able to search by groups of tags, etc. Does this sound like it will solve the problem you’re having?

That would certainly help. But it still leaves the flights in an otherwise unsorted state.

Having flights in Folders would work the best in my opinion. For instance, I could have a folder labled, “The Geysers” and I could drop all flights pertaining to that area in said folder.

Here is how I would have it work in practice. I would log into the web Portal. The first things I would see are a few recent flights, maybe those I haven’t uploaded data for. It could be three “Most Recent” categories, one for Most Recently Planned, one for Most Recently Flown but not uploaded, and one for most recent Map That has finished processing. Then somewhere there would be a sorted “Master List”. One that would have a navigation tree such as, The Geysers>Calpine>Unit3, where each of those would be a folder to where flights are sorted. Just like a file system on a PC or MAC.

If that makes any sense.

Thanks for the feedback @Gregory_Veizades - I’ll bring these ideas into discussion with the design team.

A file tree as you described is EXACTLY what we need. Ive got several pages of flights taken over the last 6 months and it is getting confusing sometimes to go back and find old data. We need sub-folders too.

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I really need only #tags. If searching with several tags are also introduced, even with “save search”, that eliminates folder structure as one can add tag structure like “folders”.

/Niko Paulanne

I agree about the tags/labels. This may be something that comes in the near future for DroneDeploy.