Creating subfolders inside folders

It would be great if we are able to create sub folders inside a folder so as to organize data more effectively.

Have you tried the new Projects interface? Pretty much the same thing except that you can’t have continual subfolders like in Windows.

Yes I have tried new project interface. I am able to create folders and organise project inside that. But I am not able to create subfolders inside a folder.

Could you please provide an example of why you would need another subfolder? We need more data to understand the use-case.

We have different sets of data collected on different constuction phases. For example,we have 3 broad classification as tower foundation,tower erection and substations. Under each of these topics, we have data collected from different work locations.

I would like to show only three folders in my main dashboard. Under each folders, i will be having different subfolders based on my project location.Under these folders, i will be having my actual projects.

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Cool. So you would go by type of work then location? I know larger companies may want something like regions then cities, but in any condition one more level would be nice. We would like estimating, projects in progress and archives then each project manager or estimator underneath.


Yes,Exactly. Is there any way to do so?

Not yet, but I know that they are reviewing all of their efforts from the end of last year and determining the main efforts for this year so it will definitely come up in discussion. We definitely want to keep this thread going though.

We would love folders inside of folders as well. We use DroneDeploy for Search and Rescue and training purposes, so here is the use case:

At the root level I would like the following folders:

  • Missions
  • Exercises
  • Personal Training

Then inside the Missions folder I would create folders by year and then inside that would be the missions for that year. Exercises would follow that hierarchy.

The Personal Training folder would have subfolders of each team member’s name, and inside of those would be their individual training flights.

The current Folders/Projects is definitely better than nothing… but consider how your own personal computer’s file system would look if there were no such thing as sub-folders… chaos!

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