Downloading more sample maps?

Hi, I’m new to DroneDeploy and waiting for my Phantom 4 Pro to arrive. I will be using my drone for grad school archaeology survey.

At first glance the software has two sample maps in the dashboard: an industrial site and an agricultural site. I’m just wondering if there is a demo library of other maps I can download to wow some folks in my department with dramatic terrain and possibly ancient structures to help them appreciate the power of this tool.


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Feel free to take a look at the link below. It is a landfill, so maybe a dig site in a couple 100 years :slight_smile:

Thanks Dragonfly, very nice. I gotta say, I’m impressed at how efficiently these models display on a computer without a graphics card. Even my backpack computer, a Lenovo Yoga 3, handles it pretty well.

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Though these are not downloadable, there are quite a few examples here in our Gallery that may help.