Is DroneDeploy the right choice for my needs?

HI, I’m an archaeology student with a new Phantom 4 Pro and a couple of projects in the works for archaeological surveys in the American Southwest and remote locations of South America. DroneDeploy’s orthomosaic and height map features look like a good solutions for my needs and I’m wondering how it works in remote locations outside of cellular/data signals and what the workflow would be like.

I imagine the something like this:

  1. set up flight plans in a location with internet access
  2. download flight plans to mobile device
  3. fly/drive to remote location and fly missions
  4. *make flight plan adjustments in the field and redeploy if needed.
  5. return to a location with internet access to upload image sets and plan/refine new flight plans as necessary
  6. return to survey site(s) for additional surveys if required

Does this sound right?

*My main question has to with step 4; to what extent can I plan and refine flight paths in the field without internet or cellular access?

Also, I’m currently using a Nexus 5 phone as my mobile device but I intend to upgrade to a tablet soon. What features are essential for good results both in civilization and out in the field?


Hi Dagon,

To answer #4: Please share the results when you’re done. I’ll let the community chime in on the tablet part. :slight_smile:

I like my iPad Pro, but it is pricier. My original setups used Nvidia Shields and they worked great and are cheaper.

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