DJI P4 First Map Questions

So, I was able to successfully run a map of my parents farm … Acreage of just under 1/2 the entire farm to be exact but anyway. I was and am super excited to use this technology and so I want to share results so I can get help or help others based on the feedback to this post.

Initial Observations…
1-I ended up with a Flight Plan on my mobile that would NOT sync … .even flew it successfully but since it will not sync to the cloud … I cannot upload the pics from the flight… so I gave up and copied and built a new flight plan and made sure it synced by changing things on mobile and web browser and looking to see the change in the other …good to go so flew it and capture 87 pics along the way, and successfully uploaded.
2-the upload only seems to work in the browser and by selecting the pics off the card via a computer/laptop … using my tablet it refused saying it cannot upload from a mobile device…event though I had it hooked to a local home wireless.
3-My P4 flew the mission pretty fast causing a lot of motion blur more noticeable in the stitched images than in the stills… would like to slow that down but don’t know how.
4-There were also gaps in map … either missed areas or areas that in 3D shows up as a Cone below the plane of the map itself.
5-The drone choices don’t show P4 just P3 / Inspire…which is what I selected it to run as.
6-The shutter / camera kept taking pictures even after the drone landed even into shutting down the DD app and opening DJI Go the camera was taking pictures … over 100 in all I noticed …lol I only uploaded the 87 relevant ones. Maybe this is a bug … don’t know.
7-to get a true 3D mapping I would have expected more angled shots as opposed to pure straight down shots… was there something different I should have selected.

Once I figure out some new settings to try I’ll run the same areas again and report back any new findings.
If anyone has some suggestions or questions I look forward to the discussion.

Hi, I think it definitely must be set for your particular drone, this would explain even the constant shooting of pictures and so on, I’d say you could even end up with accident - you’re operating your craft with an app which thinks that is operating something different!!
Application on my iPad recognized P4 straight away as I turned the craft on, something like “Phantom 4 connected, confirm?”.
Try firmware update, my P4 was updated just a two weeks ago but I was experiencing some awkward issues with sensors and update sorted this out - download DJI Assist 2 on their website, run it, plug the craft to PC and that’s it. Somewhere I found advice to do an update for each battery! so I’ve done it.
Otherwise I got first drone just two weeks ago and tried first map so don’t have much more to say, haha.
Good luck, B.