DJI D-RTK GNSS integration

I was just reading in the drone deploy documentation and came across this: “We’re also working towards supporting the DJI A3 with the D-RTK GNSS module.”. I was wondering how far you are from integrating and curious what the hurdles are. I was reading on the DJI forum that the DJI D-RTK GNSS module currently had some limitations when it comes to geotagging imagery with the RTK values etc. Does anyone at drone deploy know more about this? Are updates being implemented by DJI to make their RTK system a true survey solution for imagery?

(I’m currently a DJI Matrice 600 owner, so I’m looking forward to buying the D-RTK module if it indeed eliminates the need for ground control points.)


Those same concerns ade why I ultimatly went and purches the aeropoints for my gcp’s. If they figure it out and have some success I would love to hear about it!

They (DJI team) are currently working on getting the whole end to end perfected- when the RTK GPS is embedded in the images, we’ll be able to process the data and get that high-level imagery with no additional processing. We are really looking forward to this.

I just purchased this full kit in Dec 2016. M600, X5, D-RTK with Base Station.

I enjoy the compass failure redundancy, flight accuracy, and anti-magnetic interference capability.

I am just getting into mapping.

How can I use the DJI D-RTK Kit to my advantage?

Can I place the D-RTK Base Station on a known survey pin and create Surveyor accurate maps for my clients or valuable property boundaries?

Can I place visible Ground Control Points at measured locations for reference?

@neema… what’s the status of the integration at the moment? :slight_smile:

You guys interested in dji’s implementation of RTK need to do a little bit of research. Typically, we think of RTK as being a tool to apply corrections to the exact location and time an image to be used in photogrammetry is captured, thus making the orthoimage more accurate.

That is NOT what dji’s RTK is doing . They are using higher precision in the positioning and control of the uav, NOT the precise geo-tagging of photos for photogrammetry. They don’t like to tell you this but if you read and ask the correct questions you will find this out. I hope you didn’t already buy in based upon this misconception.

DJI is working to resolve this.


That is good to hear. If the past is any indication dji won’t implement anything new with the current craft. Maybe we’ll see “true RTK” on the M220 and M222 models. (yes, a little cynical I agree but that’s they way they usually fly.

Hi…we have contacted WIRIS but their differing time zone and somewhat large size as a company has caused their replies to take about 3 days at minimum.
It turns out you can use a y-connector to split CAN1 off into two 4 pin plugs while retaining gimbal control, but longitude data, of course, still remains incorrect.

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