:) RTKLIB Post-Processing

Here’s a quick video on post-processing drone data with RTKLIB using RTKCONV and RTKPOST to update geotags of images. I use an Emlid Reach RS+ base station and Reach M+ with Tallysman antenna for the Phantom 4 Pro. This is cross-posted in the Emlid Forum if you want to see that side of the world.

RTKLIB Post-Processing

Thanks for sharing. You might mention that you are using the Emlid version of RTKLIB. I think there may be some differences.

All intensive purposes, not really. When you dig into the detail they are differences that 99% of the users won’t need. Honestly I think the Emlid version is more relevant to drones and the events log.

I will note though. Oh, I guess you have! Thanks!

Okay. It’s been over a year and a half since I was messing with it and I remember something didn’t work with the vanilla version that did with the Emlid version but I honestly can’t remember what it was now.