PPK Processing in DroneDeploy!

A very welcomed feature that has been needed for a long time!


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Hi Michael! Have you tried it with Autel datasets? I would be interested to see if it works out of the box or we need to update our parser.

If you have any Autel PPK data (including rinex and timestamps) I would love to get it working.

Hey James, no I have not tried it yet. I will email you a link to download some assets a little later. I’ll try to find one that’s not too big. Do you need base data too?

Just wanted to report back and let everyone know that PPK processing with the Autel data works like a charm!

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Thanks Michael!

We made it work off the shelf without an additional base to make things really simple, Michael’s was 1cm XY and 3cm Z, with a 5min flight.

That said, adding a local base will be supported in the next couple of months, which can help with short flights in very remote areas. (Mines etc)



All - I am curious on whether PPK is needed if I’ve temporarily lost RTK signal. How does it affect the good RTK dataset? What happens if I upload PPK on a complete RTK flight. Thanks for the insight.

It depends on the coordinate system and geoid you are using and what was correcting your drone. If you are using the standard NAD83 network then it should be the same. If you are using a localized coordinate it will be different. I put my last jobsite on grid and all the drone data matches the network but the construction localization is off consistently 0.07ft horizontally and 0.12ft vertically. Doesn’t sound like a lot but when you include GNSS equipment error I could potentially be 0.25ft vertically. When I localize my drone base all is good and everything stays within a 10th/ft.