Deprecating Phantom 2 Vision + support

Hi all,

Many of you would have received an email regarding the deprecation of Phantom 2 Vision + support in the main DroneDeploy app on the app store.

This is because the improvements made with the P3 and Inspire are immense, and DJI is no longer supporting the Phantom 2 Vision + from the developers side.

We will provide a legacy version for those continuing to use the P2 with DroneDeploy here on our forum, but the main DroneDeploy app on the Play Store will transition to support only the Phantom 3/Inspire 1 within the next month.



hi jono
is ther option to mix missions in avery big site 250 acers, one part made by inspire 1 and one part made by vision+
and then upload them to the same mission of the inspire to get one big map
sure need to be the same hight and same overlay
but ther is diffrent in camara angle of view ,
is it posible ?

Hi. WOW, just found this whole thing! Love the idea… BUT i have a P2Vision + so … i dl the app but cant get it to work and read this post about forum support for the legacy app… where? I see alot about the Inspire and P3… but i don’t have one of those yet, so when can i get info about the P2v+ ? Thanks. Chris.

Hi Chris,

You can find the P2V+ app here:

Yes that’s the app I already downloaded. I can open it and can even get my p2v+ to connect and show up in the list… but that’s it. I can’t figure out how to finalize a mission. Also why can’t I log in on my laptop and see the same thing? I woulda thought I could set a profile for my p2 and configure it that way. Where in the forum is some info I can look at for the p2?

Hello- That link does not work. Is there a link where we can still get this? Thanks,

The app has stopped working now that a 3rd party that we were using has also stopped supporting the API we were using. We are no longer updating the app so it has stopped working completely now.

This is bullshi-. I have a phantom vision plus I use just for maping and a phantom 2 with a gopro 4 black for filming and a 3dr solo also for filming and I am not going to go out and buy a $1300 phantom3 just to do mapping when the vision plus was working just fine doing this job. Shame on you Dronedeploy. you could of still let us use the old software. Shame on you.

Sorry this is causing problems for you. We did leave the old app online until it broke by itself due to some changes in 3rd party dependencies. Then we finally removed it so people didn’t download a broken app.
Also, in order to support all the new things being released by DJI, we have to move on to a new SDK that no longer supports phantom 2 at all. This is going to be a trend by several of the mapping apps that still support p2 in the near future if they want to support new cameras/drones.
We do see a significant quality difference in maps when people make the move from p2 and gopros to phantom 3s and inspires. I’m sure some others on the forum could provide some examples or we could if it helped.