DD app crashed during scouting. (Feedback)

Using DJI Phantom 3 Pro (P3P) all up-to-date software. It want like this:
Controller on, DJI app on, Cal Compass, Close DJI app, Open DD app, Map route for P3P. 9 minutes fly time @ 200’.
Was very impressed with everything. Not one problem. :smile: During return to home from end of run, I’m watching the screen. When this pops up: “Were sorry but the app must close. press ok”. WHAT?? I went into a panic because this thing was 200’ in the air and atleast halfway through the field.

Much to my surprise, The P3P came right on home and landed with in 2 feet of it’s lift off point.

When DD app was started back up (while in P3P was in air on its way back home). I had to push the on-screen arrow to the right and it showed that the P3P flew the entire route. I was a happy camper.

Once I received a crash course from the great support team and reading all the posts in this blog. I must say this thing is really pretty easy to operate.

I have another device to use with the controller. It is new and has no other operating apps on it. I think I will use it for flying for now on. The device I was using today has, email, texting, phone, facebook and many other apps. I feel that just might keep todays app crash from ever happening again.

Question: When in my dashboard and I click the “share” button. I get the link. Is that link only for sharing on DD’s blog? Is there a way to share the map to social media? Or a way to email a copy of the map to my customer?

Sorry to hear the app crashed. We usually get a notification when this happens unless something really wrong happens. You can always take over the Phantom 3 by switching the mode from ‘F’ to ‘P’ if you want to land manually.

The mobile sharing is going to be reworked a bit. I would use the public share link on the desktop app which has been improved so it is easy to share on social media.