ERROR and loss of controller

NIR camera. Have all apps up-to-date. This is on my other P3P.
Boot up in proper order. Shut down DJI app, open DD app. Map the mission.
I love the fact that the camera doesn’t turn to face down till after lift off. After lift off and at 4 feet. Drone froze and camera pointed down. But then it just sat there. Screen said loss connection to controller. Flip switch from F to P and landed. Started DD app again. Planed mission, check list passed again. Lifted 4 feet and froze again.
On third attempt, it worked.
HOWEVER, after first pass of the 6 minute flight, screen said “no messages from DJI controller”. But the P3P still flew the mission, but the mission was no longer on screen.
When flight was done and images were looked at. They were all taken with the camera facing forward. NOT DOWN… ???
I have erased the images and Im heading out to try again.
One question: This is the first using NIR for NDVI. Am I suppose to use the Agricultural tab at the top of my desktop? Or am I suppose to just upload images like I was doing with the HD camera on my other P3P ???

Next attempt brought about a new problem.
“ALLOW USB DEBUGGING?” I know it is on. But went and checked anyway. Yep its on. “THIS COMPUTERS RSA KEY FINGERPRINT IS:”
This pops on screen every 3 to 4 seconds and never stops. Cant even get the DD app to finish loading because this is constant on screen. I hit “OK” but it comes right back.
Is this something I’m doing?

Thanks. It looks like the way we takeoff can fail
Sometimes. We will add a way to make sure we retry. Same thing for the gimbal.

You don’t need to upload any different way for nir if it is turned on for your account.

Thanks Chase. What about this de bugging issue I’m having?

The newest app shouldn’t need usb debugging and dji go app doesn’t either.

Thanks. deleting and installing again.


I have up dated everything. I am blue in the face from up dating. All problems are gone except one. And I’m sure it is something I am doing.
Once the route is mapped, and all system checks pass. I do like normal and hit the plane in the lower right corner. Drone lifts off to about 3.5 to 4 feet. Camera changes to aim down, then it just sits there. The screen on my device says "takeoff failed, check drone and controller.
I have shut everything down and reopened. I have my switch to F, I have IOC off and MC on.
What am I missing here?
Added note, I updated the controller and drone to DJI 1.3.20. They both took the update. The device shows all up-to-date firmware. But only for a minute. Then it says up-date needed. But when I go there it says battery needed go to academe. Battery is full and I have no idea what or where academe is.

If you are using the latest app you also need the 1.4 firmware on the aircraft. Controller is fine at 1.32z

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FINALLY ! ! There is no way I could have done this with out you. Thank you Chase. You told me in an email Friday that you turned on my NDVI. Thanks. It’s getting dark here on the east coast. So the pics will not be that good. BUT ITS A START ! ! Uploading now. :smile:

Chase I am having that same issue today where the ship goes up 4ft then it kicks an error back to me about check app and controller. I restart and made sure the card with the 1.04v was on it with the txt file. I brought the ship down manually and have tried many times. Is there a way to wipe the 1.04 of and reload 1.04 again?

I believe you can go to 1.03 and then back to 1.04 on the aircraft.

Looking at the forum member Riles. I was seeing he had the same issues. Should I just trying tomorrow or should I try to reload software again? Also when we are talking fw versions I am seeing 1.03 and 1.04 then on DJI website I am seeing 1.3. Also the fw update for the 1.1 for the android you state we need 1.04 does that mean 1.4? Why a difference in where the decimal point is?

Once I got the latest app’s, got controller to 1.3.2 and got drone (P3P) to 1.4. Everything worked like a charm.

Everything peacock is up to date. That’s is what is so striking.