Creating flight plan below 9 meters

Hi everyone,

Currently I am trying to create a flight plan with an altitude of approximately 5m above the ground level. (not relative to take off point nor sea level, but absolute distance to ground) However, dronedeploy app only allows me a minimum altitude of 9m. Can this be solved ? Some help would be appreciated.


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Be careful but you can takeoff from a place lower than the subject area. If there’s any amount of elevation change across the site you probably want to try to use Terrain Awareness.

Hi Micahel,

I am already using terrain awareness. My flight plans are always in reference to current point not to takeoff zone. My question is related to the 9 m minimum altitude that I would like to decrease and it is not being allowed. Thanks

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I understand that but the only way you are going to be able to beat the system is to turn off terrain awareness and take off from a point that is lower than the elevation of your site. Otherwise, drone deploy may be able to help you get some kind of an exception. If you are trying to fly at a 20ft AGL on your site you will need to take off 10ft below that site. The problem with this is that it affects your overlaps so you will need to add 5% to both front and side. Same thing that happens when you fly over buildings.