New minimum flight elevation

Earlier versions of DroneDeploy allowed for 33ft(10m) flights. Now the lower end is set at 66ft(20m). Is there anyway to lower that? Or is there anyway to revert back to an older version of Drone Deploy?

hi @JordanVolker - there isn’t a way to lower it or revert at the moment. We’d be curious to know- how are you using these very low altitude flights?

Thank you for the reply. I am using the low altitude flights for high resolution habitat mapping research. The low altitude has proven to be effective at being able to identify and map distribution of life in shallow water habitat. I was able to do flights previously at the 33’(10m) altitude and it proved to be a successful way of mapping. I am afraid that the 66’(20m) altitude will not yield a high enough resolution for accurate mapping.

The same low altitude min flight sertting could be useful to me in high resolution vegetation mapping over relatively small areas. A 15m minimum would also be useful, for the same reasons and for some of the wildlife surveys I do.