Fly under 60 ft

Guys, I noticed that the lowest altitude in the Drone Deploy app is 60ft. Is there a way I can fly lower? Thanks, Spence

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The only way is to take off from land with a lower altitude so that 60ft above ground level is measured from the take off point and not the mission’s target of a higher level.

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You can fly lower manually using the DJI GO app. 60 ft is the lower limit because we have found aligning and stitching the images often fails at lower altitudes than that.

I think allot of people like to use DroneDeploy flight planning for inspections and may not be so concerned with stitching. You can always fly a higher, lower overlap mission to help that. For those inspections I have suggested a video mode in the past that would allow you to have an automated path while taking video.

Exactly. My use case doesn’t care about stitching. We’ve written our own analysis software to look through the images and surface interesting insights. But it only works if we fly low and slow and get lots of detailed highrez images.

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Have you ever used Litchi? Very versatile, low-cost app. You can create missions on the desktop, in the app or on Google Earth. The Google Earth piece is nice because you can create the path in 3D with terrain following. I don’t know exactly what kind of work you do, but it sounds like a customizable waypoint mission would work. You can define the speed and the increment of the photo captures.


The other reason I like Google Earth is because I can import my CAD files and put the paths exactly where they need to be.

Hi @swetjen!

JamesC is correct on this one. The only real way to fly lower at this point is to take off from a lower elevation so that 60ft above your take off point is at a lower relative altitude over the space you intend on mapping. If you go into our settings you can change your maximum flying altitude, it might be a good feature request to add a minimum for users to also be able to use, I’ll pass it on.

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Boy Howdy, please make this a feature request. I’d love to fly under 60ft. I had a major use for this last week! And again in a couple more weeks!

Unfortunately, we have limited the altitude in which a Drone can fly at since it does not meet our preferred flight settings. You are more than welcome to fly manually to capture images below 60 feet.