Continues Function not reliable

Hi team
I split 150 ha in 3 parts using 3 batteries. The first battery change went well and I could continue the mission. After the second change the flight continued but I had the following issues:

  • P4 followed flight route but not telemetry was available during the flight
  • Back in the office I realized that no pictures were taken during this flight

Hi @martinhaemmerli, sorry to hear that you are having these issues. Just to confirm you followed the steps outlined here and you are using the latest version of the App (2.0.6)?

Hi @Jerther
Yes, latest app version, iPhone 6S Plus 100% patched and latest firmware of P4 is installed.
And yes, I also followed the process you listed.

  • First battery switch went well and mission continued

  • Second switch failed as described. No more telemetry after take off and no more realtime signal of the camera and, the worst case, no pictures of the 3rd section after the copter had landed.

Our big update finally came out yesterday (2.0.7) so make sure you’re running that now.

Thank you Chase
I just updated to 2.0.7 and will let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Issue fixed!
Continues flights work very well now with 2.0.7.
Thank you DD!

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