App not working

I have two issues that need some advice on.

  1. i planned a mission that required two batteries. When the first battery went low my P4 returned to home and I swapped out batteries. The bird would not fly to last waypoint and continue mission. Instead it did the circle around the area where I had shot. After the circle the bird returned home. I turned everything off and then back on to try t resume mission to cover remainder of property. The bird only flew back to the circle and did another circle flight. I did upload the map and it was good only incomplete. I will be returning to job to shoot again. What can I do to make sure craft resumes mission after battery change. I need to be able to shoot every week for three months.

  2. I planned a mission but the arrow that should pulse never pulses so the mission will not start. It is a small area I want to shoot. Can the area I want to shoot be too small? Any other ideas?

When swapping batteries, it is always good to try and keep track of where it left off so if it does not give you the Continue in the app you can choose which waypoint to start at where it left off.

I always close the app and reopen it when swapping batteries. It seems to give me the Continue that way.

It should not be too small. Did it go through the checklist?
The best troubleshooting is usually to recycle power on everything, including the mobile device and start over.