Circular Flight Paths


I would like the ability to map out multiple circular flight paths over an area after a grid pattern. It would be nice if the app would allow for battery swap to finish flying the mission where it left off. I have found flying with a 90 degree camera angle for the grid pattern then flying multiple circular paths with different camera angles over an area allow for better 3D models of a roadway.


Have you tried the orbit mode that is available within the iOS app currently? You can do a quick orbit at the end of your mission.


Orbit with interval photos…


I have not tried the orbit at the end pf mission just yet. I typically need multiple orbist because of the large areas I am flying.


multiple orbit mode or 3d workflow is on the roadmap.


Where is the camera pointing during the orbit?


I keep it pointed at the center of the orbit path or POI. I use the POI function within the DJI app.


You run the DJI app in the background? I thought this was known to cause problems. There is a post on the “DJI Inspire 1 Owners Group” Facebook page today, suggesting that Dronedeploy with DJI app running is responsible for a flyaway.
Is it possible to control the camera manually during Orbit?


No, I do my grid patterns then start DJI to do my orbits and manually snap photos. Once I am in DJI and start orbit mode I will adjust my camera angle.


So you’re not using the orbit function in the Dronedeploy app?


Correct, I do not use the orbit within DroneDeploy. It only allows for one large orbit. I use multiple smaller orbits.


Multiple smaller orbits coming soon.


Orbit doesn’t work for me at the moment, DD said they’re looking into it.


Would the models turn out better if the multiple orbits could be set at various elevations or spirals?


Hi, We haven’t been able to find any problems with orbit aside from the fact that you need a good connection at the end of the flight for the orbit mission to get uploaded. Does this happen for you every flight?


My orbit has been working fine. I am generally no more than 1000 feet from the drone at any one time. I am flying a 42 acre mission tomorrow without orbit. I hope the battery swap works as expected.


Chase, is it possible to have the camera facing out during orbit? I would like to map a quarry and this would be useful.


I hadn’t thought of this as an option. We don’t currently have that. I’ll put this in our Orbit v2 notes.


Is it possible to develop an app can do this for 3d model? Using the flight model of foster?


I like the idea of Mr. Mark, here in Yucatan for reports of environmental impact requires the center of the area of the polygon photographs or video outwards, not inward