Multiple Mission Session

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I think it would be beneficial and maybe safer to have the ability to setup a continuous flight session that would allow us to setup multiple missions and the drone would continue autonomously from one to the other. I was training a local pilot on the use of DroneDeploy yesterday and it was a little akward showing him that I hit to kill DroneDeploy after each mission to jump into the next. The site that I was on was only about 15ac and I completed a map, progress photos, video and pano on one battery. I probably would have finished with even more battery if I didn’t have to jump out, restart DroneDeploy, kill the resume mission notification, find the project and select the new mission. I think this is more important now than ever with the introduction of the pano and video flight modes. If you didn’t realize it we have grown to at least 7 modes at this point! As a part of this function it would be even more efficient if the system would help us complete then start the next mission in as close of proximity of each other as possible.

The way I do this by creating all the plans keeping in mind the duration in order to keep within the threshold of one battery. Once all the missions are planned as efficiently as possible I look at them as sets then adjust the angle so that the next start point is as close to the last missions ending point so that the drone doesn’t have to waste better going across the entire site to get to the next mission. Next level is on the map plan in particular trying to start and end on the same side of the progress in closest proximity to home. This is easily done by very slightly adjusting elevation and overlaps. I typically run at 75/75 at 240’ AGL. It makes no difference to the map quality if I run 74% sidelap and 2ft higher, but it can make a big difference in efficiency.

Not to mention that this could help fix the breaking mission completion and false “GPS Lost” notification issues that have crept into the system.

Keep up the good work DD!


Can’t wait until we do this in DroneDeploy! This is a mission for the H520 in DataPilot and we’re no too far away from doing this in DroneDeploy! Consecutively doing multiple missions like map to pano to video to Progress Photos will be a huge battery and time saver. This is mostly a linear (corridor) project that consists of the roadway and a drainage channel, but it starts with a standard snake pattern to fill in the gaps between the linear flight paths and then jumps over to the linear. We’ll see if linear is part of DroneDeploy’s release. Though it’s not likely since it’s an app and not a native mode.

DD needs to look at DJI’s Terra Corridor flight path. You can design a centerline (road, rivers, etc) and tell how far you want to fly Left and Right of cnter (each independent of the other, ex, 100’ Lt and 200 Rt) and it will break the mission into multi-mission based on the length you set. Terra takes care of all the proper overlaps between the missions.

I have designed a 15 mile flight by centerline and it broke it up into 20+ mini missions.

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DataPilot is very similar and so much better for varying corridors and still maintains the ability to start and stop from a middle home point. I think we’ll get some live eventually, but obviously there aren’t enough people on DroneDeploy doing corridor mapping.

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Since DroneDeploy has released the ability to daisy-chain missions this thread is closing. Thanks to DD for the great feature! It’s already saving us flight time!