Chasco Constructors Drone Workflow

Thought I would make a brief list about how we go from start to finish on our projects.

  1. Acquire the CAD design files.
  2. Remove all unnecessary CAD data.
  3. Standardize the CAD layers
  4. Create a CAD KMZ overlay on the site in Google Earth.
  5. Observe and document the existing site with Google Earth and Street View.
  6. Create the drone flight plan.
  7. Boots-on-the-ground observation and flight plan adjustments.
  8. Preconstruction flight.
  9. Download the images and post-process.
  10. Upload the images.
  11. Tag GCPs.
  12. Export data.
  13. Perform CAD analysis.
  14. Create Google Earth KML.
  15. Asbuilt flight and full data process.
  16. Archive drone data to internal servers.
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Michael, good info!! What is #15 Asbuilt flight?

Once the project is complete it verifies and documents that it was built per plan and left in good condition. This requires GCPs and a series of checkpoints and conformance to local survey datum.

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