SketchUp and DroneDeploy

Reaching out if anyone in the community knows how to integrate these two tools, with efficient workflows. To explain, we are an appraisal / valuation firm. We need to draw up property site plans, to quantify all the improvements being buildings and ancillary improvements on the property by determining the areas. Our current process is prepare a Map Plan for the property in DroneDeploy and use the set flight planning with Auto Flight Modes for structures. Complete drone flight on site. Take site notes of all improvements by hand sketching and using lazers and tapes. Return to the office and process the flight. Download and import the map into QGIS and add the property survey plan. Export a jpeg of the screen showing the entire site plan with captured map. Import into SketchUp and then simply make the image to scale by knowing the measurement of one of the site boundaries, then using the Tape in SketchUp and measure along that boundary to make the image to scale. We then draw in SketchUp the hand drawn site notes, then place on top of the image to ensure the site notes were correct and all improvements identified. All the drawing is done in 2D. Site works such as excavation or reclaiming of land we convert into cubic in excel.
I would be really open to suggestions on improving this process, as it seems crazing to export a DroneDeploy map to a jpeg then re scale and create a margin of error and loose map resolution. If there are professionals who have solutions to this workflow I am willing to take this on as a contract, assuming that is allowed to be discussed in this forum.
We work in a lower income market, in a ‘developing country’ so we use technology to give access to resources that was not previously obtainable.

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