Changing map extents after selecting GCPs

it seems there is a bug, I can change the map extents when in smart upload to exclude some areas. When I go into the GCP selection screen and then go back, I permanently lose the ability to adjust the map extents. Its annoying as the GCPs are usually a good indication of the extent of the map I’d like.
Can you provide feedback on this please?

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does it seem like dronedeploy’s support isn’t what it used to be?

The forum has never been a place to get official DroneDeploy Support answers so if you don’t get any user support you need to email DroneDeploy. If you are a paying customer and have emailed them and are not getting help then that is a problem.

That said I have never personally experienced this. I don’t think that is intended functionality so I changed your topic to data processing as it is most likely a bug.


thanks! Farai will sort it :slight_smile:

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