Portions of maps missing


I’ve been using dronedeploy for several years and haven’t ever had any issues until now. Take a look at these three maps and you’ll see that each map has portions missing…and they’re not over water. Can anyone advise what I can do differently to ensure these maps are completed? Any help is appreciated.

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You will want to email this to support. I’ve been experiencing the same thing lately. Does your point-cloud look thin in those areas? I I think there may be an issue with something that changed in the processing and how it is creating points.

Do you know if photos were missed in those areas as has been happening lately with the p4p?

Hi @CityofYorkAL! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing some issues with your recent processing of maps. There are a few issues that can play a part into why areas of your map are missing areas:

  • Overlap
    This image is a great example of how elevation and tall trees can cause issues when stitching:

  • Homogenous Subject Matter: Because there is little variation or distinguishable features, and a tendency to have hard-to-determine patterns, it can be difficult to stitch together the images.

I would suggest looking at the following support articles:

I hope this help! Have a wonderful day!

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The problem is solved only by increasing the altitude. Determined empirically depending on the height of the trees. My trees were up to 25-30 m. the Altitude of 135-150 m. the Mission should be done in calm weather. Because of the strong wind, the crowns of trees can swing, for this reason the processing program does not identify them.

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