Change default Sidelap/Frontlap?

Can I change the default Sidelap from 70% and the default Frontlap from 60% to some other values of my choosing?

Yes of course you can. But be aware that significantly reducing the settings may cause issues with the stitching and accuracy of the final map. Always worth experimenting though.

Could you share how I would change these default values?

You’ll see the sliders if you select the Advanced tab at the bottom of the plan details on the left in a flight plan

I think he means default settings - as in setting a different default value so it’s the same every time he creates a new flight plan.

Ahh - not sure you can do that - have to set it for every individual flight as far as I know.

10-4. Thanks for the feedback.

We should be saving your last settings between each flight sometime in the near future. We know it’s a bit annoying to always reset the.

Very good - thanks, Chase!