Changing the Default Map Area of the Dashboard

Being fairly new to DD, I’m wondering if there is a way to change the default map area at the main Dashboard view? Currently (Explorer Account), the default shows the entire Earth but I would like it to default to the extents of my flight plans if possible. Please see the uploaded image.



Mine shows up to my local area (the Southeast US)- I don’t know if this is an explorer thing or not but the default is not the whole earth for me.

I’m in Texas and mine zooms to DroneDeploy… California.

Until I deleted them, my default was where the two sample maps were. Now that I have deleted them my default is the extent of my own maps - showing all of them on the screen.

Headed to my post above. On the PC my map is the extent of my projects. On the iPad it goes to San Francisco.

I guess I’m leaning to this being an Explorer status default then since the map seems to adjust accordingly for others. Thanks for the feedback!

@kevink You default should zoom in to your most recent processed map, not flight plans. Hope this clears this up!