GUI Feedback

Hi guys, I apologize if these suggestions have been asked about before. If they have, just add my voice to the list.

  1. When planning a new mission, there needs to be a better way to place the initial grid. Having to somewhat randomly drop it on the map and then drag it along is nuts. Perhaps I am just doing something wrong. Why cant I tap on the map and have the grid drop on that point?

  2. In the planning dialog, having sliders only is very low accuracy and time consuming. We need to be able to enter #'s directly in the box. In addition to the slider, a +/- button to quickly adjust is the norm in apps like this.

  3. It would be beneficial if there was a way to sort or organize the mission plan list. If I make a copy of a plan and save it as a new plan, it is far away on the list even though the name is almost identical. Can we have drag handles on the names or sort options?

Thanks guys, Happy Holidays!

Great suggestions, Dave. The second and third are already on our list to revisit- we’ll be making more and improvements to our app in 2017. Thanks for flying with us and Happy New Year to you as well :slight_smile: