New UI Improvements

I am having trouble with the auto-naming of flights and reports.

When I Fly a new flight on the template is give me the “Map Plan” name for the mission. When I go into Activity to job cost I do not know how to know which flights I did at that date and time. I could pull it from my logs, but it would be nice to pull the CSV and just include it in my weekly journal.


Hey @MichaelL, thank you for letting us know about this.

I’d like to make sure I completely understand the issue here.

Is the problem primarily that we are not including the Project in the Activity log? So then, because templates are reusable, then the only way you can determine what is what is by going off of the date and time, which is not an efficient method.

Correct, the only way that I have found around it is to make sure I use the project name in the flight plan. This can get pretty long.

I’ll bring this up with Anya. Thanks!