Expand a flight plan symetrically

Hi, the default flight plan is a square which is fine but rarely exactly what the pilot wants. Therefore has to expand or reduce in some capacity. It would be great if this could be done symetrically so it expands / reduces equally as opposed to having to move each four corners - makes for a neater map. However, also ensure the user can move the points specifically (as per current set up) if they want to produce a bespoke shape / flight plan.

Hi @surreyvisuals,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I’ll taken note of it and will forward it along but please note that this does not guarantee that the feature will be implemented down the road.


Maybe similar to what @surreyvisuals requested, but also the ability to drag a side and slide both the corners at the same time instead of creating a midpoint. Maybe an icon just inside or outside the midpoint?