Calculate Flight Speed from Overlap and Altitude?


I’m using a scientific instrument on a DJI Matrice 600 Pro and would like to use DroneDeploy to preprogram the flight. One requirement of our instrument is that we need to fly at a predetermined, relatively constant speed in order to set the camera’s frame rate beforehand. I understand that DroneDeploy is primarily designed for built-in color cameras and uses overlap and altitude to predetermine the best flight speed instead of allowing the user to set speed directly. Is there a good way for me to calculate the average flight speed as a function of altitude and overlap assuming no wind? Also if any developers are reading this, it really would be nice to be able to set the flight speed. I understand why this isn’t an option, but for some of the larger UAVs like the Matrice it becomes quite useful when folks are using custom payloads.

Thanks for your help.

We do allow you to set the flight speed. We are going to be updating the name of this to “cruise speed” because it really is just the maximum altitude the drone will accelerate to when flying the waypoints.

Unfortunately I don’t know if there is any DJI support for flying at a constant speed. It always will have to slow down and speed up during the corners. The closest you can get is to fly very very slow throughout the entire mission.

Hi Chase,

Thanks for the response. That’s great - I must have missed that setting in the app. What is it currently called?

We can do some orthorectification afterwards with the help of IMU data to minimize blur to some point. I guess for now we’ll try to minimize turns and fly perpendicular to prevailing winds.

That is a great feature. I use it on windy days as well to keep the drone from super-accelerating!