Flight speed

Using Firmware 1.04 on the Inspire 1 and version 1.1.7 of the App downloaded from the Play Store.

Altitude is low (only 30m). Speed is only 4 m/s – is that by design due to the altitude, or some other issue?

Answering my own question – in case others have the same issue. The speed does indeed increase as you fly at higher altitudes. I can only assume that is for image quality and perhaps for safety (easier to steer clear of stuff at 75 m than 30m AGL).

This is also because we want to cover as much ground as possible. We capture as fast as possible and then set the speed based on the frontlap and sidelap we want to achieve.

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Thanks. The increased speed at higher altitudes does wonders for acreage coverage for larger plots. Will be great for the 2016 crop season!

hey guys, while the app /firmware is being adjusted i am testing the map engine so am used to it all. I have flown manually to take images. what i am wondering is at what speed would give good coverage at 120m for an inspire1?

If you set the inspire to take images at once per 5 seconds you can fly about 28 mph or 12.5 m/s.

Are there any other reasons for speed to slow down? I have flown several mapping missions but today when I went to fly one with the same mission parameters as other missions it launched and started to the first way point at 12mph. Mission time jumped from 22 min or so for 110 acres to 1:45. I brought it home and tried to launch it again after drone and software reboot and got the same result. I just cancelled the mission till I can figure it out. Phantom 3 Pro with the latest firmware. 250 ft altitude launching from the highest point in the map area. Front lap 60%, side lap 70%. Normally using these I get a 25 or 30mph speed during flight… I’m a bit confused…