Bug with Samsung S5?

I’m using a Samsung S5 phone with the DD app and a P3, and on a regular basis the app crashes about 2 minutes into the flight. The app tries to restart but can’t. The drone flies the mission fine and returns to the home point no problem. Maps look great.

I suspect as the tablet is to blame but can’t figure out what is causing it. Are there any known issues or pitfalls with the S5?

What kind of tablet do the developers use when running the DD app?


Had the same trouble with a Tab S2 till the last beta release.
None since this last update.

Firmware and App both latest versions. Any ideas?

Hi @Cordelia and @cousin, first let me sincerely apologize for the delayed response here. I would like to direct you both to our documentation on Android Connection Issues to see if this will help resolve the issue that you are facing. Additionally, please take a look at our Supported Drones documentation under “Data Capture Compatibility” for recommended tablets that are known to work well when flying with DJI.