Samsung S8 Crashed Phone Using DD

This doesn’t seem to be unique to DD, also happened with DJI GO 4 app. Both apps have caused my Samsung S8 to crash and restart. I also have a Sam. Tab that I normally use to avoid this but I want to start using Drone Deploy to photograph an agricultural field. Drone Deploy requires a certain version of Android to be running and the Tab doesn’t have an upgrade available for that version or higher which leaves me having to use my phone for drone deploy at this time. Tried the DD Friday and the phone crashed while the drone was on the way to the start point. I didn’t even have the DJI GO 4 app running. I had recently reinstalled DJI GO 4 and hadn’t even logged into the new install. I really want to try DD with my current device(s).
Phantom 4 Pro, all firmware up to date.

I just had 2 successful flights with drone deploy using my S8. This time I made sure that I closed all other apps before starting drone deploy.

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Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

Glad to hear you had successful flights, @BHRC4556. If you have other issues, you know where to find us for help.