Bug report

There is a bug when trying to transfer the approved LAANC request from airbus back into the DD app when using RC Pro for M3E. The link between the two is broken.


I see that look like an incorrect address. It doesn’t surprise me that something like this could happen with a sideload app. @Farai_Masheke, @Jamespipe have either of you seen this error yet?

Hello - yes we need to figure out a way to skip this screen on M3E, in the meantime you can close the browser window and everything works as normal.

It actually does not work. If you close the screen it exits the DD application. The pilot is then unable to take off or fly the mission using DD as it doesn’t clear the LAANC approval. I had 2 jobs on Monday I was unable to complete as the application refused to update the LAANC approval

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