LAANC is having issues today, Dec 7, 2021

I tried getting LAANC auth just now and was getting an “internal error” via the airbus laanc procedure.

I eventually found that Aloft has a status update:

"Update - The FAA LAANC systems are currently returning a “GIS SERVICE OUTAGE” error affecting some LAANC activity. We’ve notified the FAA and are monitoring FAA systems. We’ll update further with news from FAA or when service is restored.
Dec 7, 09:40 PST"

I found that info here: Aloft Platform Status

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I got my LAANC through a loft about an hour ago. Is it still doing it? Could it maybe be the specific airspace that you are in?

Right; it’s only affecting “some LAANC activity”, so I’m guessing not everybody is affected.

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RESOLVED; Dec 7, 11:30 PST

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