Blurry 3D Map Issues

Summary of Issue:
I have started using Drone deploy a couple of days ago and created my first 2d and 3d map. I have no problems with the 2d map itself, but the 3d map looks very blurry with no details for the buildings or landscape.
I have been flying my drone at the highest altitude at 1600 feet. I wanted to know if its possible to get better 3d maps by tweaking some of the settings.
Date Issue Began:
This is my first map and I have not created any maps before it. The date the map was created is Dec 12, 2017
Drone Model:
I am using a DJI Mavic Pro drone
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
Iphone 7, 256 GB and IOS 11.0.2

Hi @sgaafar,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. I suggest taking a look at our 3D Models support page as well as our 4 Ways to Improve the Accuracy of Your Drone Models with 3D Mapping Software blog.

Hope the tips and suggestions on these pages help!


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Getting good 3D with a drone is part art and part science tied in with experience.
At that altitude you will not get much detail on 3D.
I would suggest reading the suggested documents and practicing.

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I have enabled a new feature on your account that will automatically calibrate the camera focus once the drone reaches mision altitude.

Currently this is iOS only, and requires version 2.63 of dronedeploy. This will be coming soon to Android too, so let me know you want to use the feature, but that you currently have an Android device.



I’m having the same problem but I’m flying at 100 feet and the 3d model looks blurry and can’t see the details of anything. I’m flying it with a Mavic air 2 and a phantom 4 pro v2 and both had the same results

Are you using DroneDeploy Auto or allowing DJI Go to control the camera?

Textured meshes come from downsampled tiles being overlayed on the surface and distort the texture to fit the surface which can causes warping and blurring. This is common to all cloud processing as the settings are usually a medium quality. You would need local processing to allow for high-resolutions but beware that those files get huge. I just pulled a 1GB ortho from DroneDeploy that was 4GB through SimActive Correlator and I can barely use it on my monster machine. I think is was more the software not being able to allocate the memory.