3D maps look awful

I am using a phantom 4 pro. The 2d maps look fine but the 3D maps are all mangled and warped, in some cases a wall is missing and it looks like you can see through the house. First I flew at 66 feet, then I flew at about 130. Same result. The home is in a neighborhood with other home close by. I must be doing something wrong, but I have tried several times and with other software I am not having this issue. We are using the trial version and this will be the determining factor. The file is 4744 ATT 3. I am viewing on a new very high speed iMac image

Raptor Pilot,

Sorry you are having this problem. Don’t know if I can help but if you don’t mind, I’ll ask some questions and see if I have run into this problem before.

Is it the house only that you are trying to map or is there land along with the project? How much land if land is involved. You say you flew at 66 then 130ft. Did you make one flight or more than one at each altitude? Did you shoot totally in nadir or did you add obliques or did you use totally obliques?

I’ll try to help if I can.