Best AGL for Orthomosaic Mapping

What is the Best AGL for Orthomosaic Mapping. I am trying to find out whats the best high above the buildings we should be doing?

Hello @PilotSmith69 thanks for reaching out. As much as I would love to provide a standard number, it all depends! If you are mapping residential buildings. I would say 75 feet above the roof. It also depends on the overlap, The higher you fly, the more overlap you are going to get. This is effective in areas where tall trees are present. Flying too low will provide less surface area in the images which will create a poor stitch. Too high will reduce the quality of the resolution. There needs to be a happy medium!


Highly varied heights is always going to be a problem with fixed lenses, so it’s best to split up flights if possible. It seems like a pain, but what is the cost of good results? I have a couple sites that I don’t quite trust the terrain following on yet that I split into two or three flights. They would normally be a single battery flight, but I choose to keep the resolution.

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